Precising machining, logistic and transport equipments production and castings machining.

LIP Engineering s.r.o

Our Specialization

Presently this company is focused towards the production of precisly machined automotive parts, usually having had heat treatment as well as having been grounded and finally in same cases laped (polished). In line with our targets, we produce many of the tooling parts for Skoda Auto a.s. We plan to evolve this business with other customers. Currently our capacities of production and subcomplet assemblies are not being fully utilized. In the coming years we have plans to further increase production capacity of technological units and logistical palettes for transportation of accurate products. Our motto is - This company is able to produce every machine part, it depends only from a period of time and the price.

Lip Engineering s.r.o

U Nisy 114, 463 31 Chrastava

tel.: +420 731 142 818
IČ: 28687175
DIČ: CZ28687175