Precising machining, logistic and transport equipments production and castings machining.

LIP Engineering s.r.o

Statement of Quality Assurance

  • Our company is committed and focused on meeting our customer needs.

    The company target is to fulfill all of our customers needs realization. To meet all these requirements means not only to produce perfect products but to keep on time delivery performances, service cost savings. One of our main priorities is to fulfill the requirements by saving parts with special marks. We are sure this is only the way to meet a satisfaction of our customers in the future. We are aware that our customers entitled needs for satisfaction has a deciding influence to the position of our company on the market.

  • Our Quality system is a powerhouse for the continual improvement and for the efficient increse of all company activities.

    Our Quality is improving dynamically with the amount of quantity we produce. Only continual improvement of all our activities will create the preconditions to be able to fulfill the increasing reqiurements of our customers. An adopted measure for quality increasing has to be arranged from this point of view in all activities.

  • Zero Tolerance defect occurance by the usage of prevention implements.

    A way to reach our goals goes through a necessity zero defect occurance. Our target is securing zero defects occurance from all our activities from the beginning. Error occurance prevention is always more economic than their reparation and the correction actions realized. Top quality it is not possible to get only by control, top quality has to be planned and produced. The basic rule is not to continue in a faulty operation. To stop production is always more economic than to loose market and customer satisfaction.

  • The Precondition of our successes are application partnerships with suppliers and involvement with the assistance of subsuppliers to increase products and services quality.

    The quality of purchased products and services we use has an influence on the quality of our products and services. Our company is not able to reach its goals without the active involvement of our subsuppliers. We will strive to involve our subsuppliers in our effort to achieve the best quality.We are prepared to support them and insist on all performance quality requirements.

  • Measurable quality indicators are the urgent precondition of a continual improvement and effectiveness increase of all company activities.

    Quality is a measurable and objective value.We would like to determine the quantifiable quality goals which are possible to measure, evaluate and monitor.All our decisions and adopted measures have to originate in objective dates and measurable results and will not be founded on speculations. All quality information has to be not only for supervisors but has to be known and visualized for all employees.

  • Everybody who uses the results of our work is considered as our customer.

    Everybody who uses the results of our work is for us a customer. From this point of view the customer is not only the business entities who buys our products and services but also who continue to use the results of our work.

  • Management obligation

    • Management and company supervisors are exemplaries on improvement of the quality system in all areas.
    • To increase employees awareness about quality system, to develop their knowledge and skills by training and other activities aimed at increasing quality on all levels.
    • To observe legal and firm requirements of involved sides, to monitor satisfaction for a feedback, to be able to plan changes in management and arranging company processes.
    • To provide financial, material and managing resources for the effective running of our quality system.

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